Wooden houses with Stora Enso modular elements winning Nordic housing competition

Published 15 September 2016
​​​​​​Wooden multi-storey houses constructed with Stora Enso's modular elements and located in Eskolantie, Helsinki won a Nordic housing competition organized by Housing Nordic (NBO).

According to the jury, the entity of 93 rental apartments fits well in its location, has an interesting appearance and offers good quality living with reasonable pricing. The apartments were also prized for colorful façade, versatile apartment offering and the homely feeling.

Jury states also that the industrial pre-fabrication, weather protection and fast erection time utilized in this project offer new alternatives for the traditional construction methods.

Eskolantie houses has been accomplished in cooperation with Stora Enso and construction company SRV for The Helsinki Housing Production Department ATT. The four 5- to 7-storey energy efficient residential buildings are constructed from CLT (cross laminated timber) with Stora Enso's modular housing technology.

NBO is a non-profit association with the purpose of promoting contacts between affiliated organisations in order to exchange experiences and coordinate common interests. NBO has a vision of financially, ecologically and socially sustainable housing for everyone in the Nordic countries. The NBO housing competition is organized every second year. This year the amount of participants in the competition exceeded 20 being a record-high amount.

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