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How to achieve a luxury impression with packaging?

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There are four basic values that often appear in packaging design and development briefings: quality, performance, natural and luxury impression. Today, we take a closer look at one of them – luxury – and how you achieve it.

How do you create packaging that gives a feeling of luxury? Stora Enso’s study based on the Packaging Wheel© by pacproject shows that the main attributes that the interviewees considered important for a luxurious impression are:

  • Graphic design: Luxury asks for simplicity of artwork, often with abstract designs. A brand logo in the center of the artwork is a symbol for tradition and heritage, which goes well with luxury. If they are minimalist, both modern abstract as well as traditional retro artworks can work. Should the packaging have photographic images or product illustrations on them, these need to be of the highest quality possible, otherwise you lose that feeling.
  • Shape:This is a very important factor to create a feeling of luxury. Long, slender packaging shapes and size matters here. After all, when it comes to luxury, it is all about the quality, not the quantity.
  • Material: The packaging also needs to be sturdy and well-made. Double wall constructions and rigid boxes goes well here, creating that luxurious feel. The lids should be hinged or hooded and made of strong high-quality paperboard or paper-laminated board.
  • Finishing effects: Little details and additional elements, such as a ribbon as a closure, symbolize the extra care put into the making of a product, making it seem and feel more luxurious. Also, single packing of small pieces with printed and/or metallic wraparounds creates this effect. When it comes to finishing, shining metallic, especially gold effects are great cues. This can be sophisticated golden details or full-area lamination resulting in large golden area. When it comes down to it, most strong and well-executed finishing effects, if used with sophistication, can enhance the luxury impression.

Now, we have gone through the dos, but what about the don'ts? The clearest thing found in our study is that plastic film wrapping around the whole pack is very negatively perceived. Same goes for industrial and over-packed packaging. Lastly, plastic in general is not perceived as luxurious at all.

So, now we have a little greater knowing of the dos and don'ts when creating that luxury impression. Next time we will take a closer look on the natural impression, so keep an eye out!

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