Stora Enso launches e-TALES

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e-TALES by Stora Enso is a new portfolio of services and products designed to meet the growing packaging needs of online retailers. The product suite offers sustainable, tailor-made solutions developed in collaboration with stakeholders throughout the value chain. e-TALES is specifically designed to meet the needs of end-consumers, online retailers and logistics departments.

The e-TALES portfolio delivers a variety of packaging features designed to enhance the consumer experience. Such features include easy opening of boxes and simple sealing for returns, specialty protective packaging for suits and dresses, handles for easy carrying, and reusable gift boxes. It also allows online retailers flexible solutions for increased branding exposure.

"The rise of e-commerce has altered the traditional way of doing business. Through our e-TALES suite of products we can offer a set of packaging solutions produced to enhance consumer experience, enable branding possibilities, while also responding to the needs of the logistics chain. Moreover, all e-TALES packaging designs are produced from renewable materials," says Björn Thunström, SVP Marketing & Innovation, Stora Enso Packaging Solutions.

The e-TALES portfolio is divided into three subcategories: e-TALES Packaging - consisting of packages geared towards online retailers for easy packing, open and returns; e-TALES Utilities - targeted towards logistical centers to help organize and structure their workflow; and e-TALES Services - focusing on solutions for automation and intelligent packaging. For more information about e-TALES, visit

The latest edition of Stora Enso packaging trend report Viewpoint we focus specifically on the online retailer segment. To download the Viewpoint report, please click here.

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