Looking at a chocolate box

Published 22 November 2017
If you have read our latest articles, you already know that we conducted a study at Interpack this year to collect qualitative and quantitative input concerning certain impression benefits of packaging. In this article, let’s have a closer look at a chocolate box from a luxury point of view.
The participants of the study were asked to have a look at a set of sample packs and to rank them using different criteria.

The chocolate box in question was a long, slender rigid box with bite-sized chocolates made of paper-laminated board. It had a hinge lid on the long side, held closed by a thin paper ribbon. The outside showed a minimalist, abstract artwork with a geometric pattern of black rhombus shapes on a brown background. All this was enhanced with a full-area soft-touch varnish. The logo was placed in the center of the artwork.

So, from a luxury impression point of view, what impressions did the test people have of this box?

The features in favour of this box were for example the small size and slenderness. The elegant shape made the test panel feel like it was luxurious, and it reminded them of a jewelry box. Another thing adding to the luxury impression was the minimalistic and geometric wallpaper design, which is very trendy when it comes to graphic design. This might have been popularized by the hype around Louis Vuitton.

The color code; black, red and yellow, also refers to luxury, and placing the logo in the center of the box contrasts with the modern abstract design and is a symbol for tradition and heritage. The ribbon as an additional closure element symbolizes the extra care put into the making of this product. The strong material and the compact size made it feel very solid and pleasant to the touch, especially in combination with the soft-touch varnish.

According to the test people, the only negative thing from a luxurious point of view was that there was some confusion with the shape – the product did not look like chocolate at first glance.

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