Christmas comes with haptic experience

Published 16 December 2017
Is there any time of year when haptics is more relevant than during Christmas? Our fingers are busy opening Christmas gifts, the thrill of seeing what’s inside the box... We are taking sneak peeks under the tree, building up towards the big revelation of the gifts. And when the time has finally come – the physical connection you experience when unboxing says just as much as the visual cues.
Consumers really like the tactile traits of paper and board – it is the emotionally most-liked material. It offers the most sensory experience, and that is what triggers the emotional connection.

When in the store, consumers will probably say no to the question whether they are influenced by the packaging's look and feel when making purchasing decisions. But we know this is not true. That is the rational self-speaking but the real self can't avoid being engaged with the look and feel... So, a good packaging material has to play many roles, depending on the impact you want to make. Sometimes it is a package with a rustic touch that creates just the right a natural feel. And in other case, the goal can be a premium feel enhanced by a shiny package. Luckily, paperboard can meet the both demands!

Consumers often talk about the look of the packaging when they actually mean the feel of it. When receiving a gift, we tend to turn the packaging around in our hands, feel it, touch it, all in the purpose of getting an impression of the content. It all comes down to haptics – are you getting a positive connection with the packaging or not?

With this we wish you merry Christmas with many happy unboxing experiences!

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