Towards guilt free Christmas

Published 8 December 2017
The Christmas holiday season is almost here, and many are getting excited. At the same time, consumerism habits are really costing, and our planet is paying the price.
So, it's time to think about recycling and renewable material once again. How can you let your consumers celebrate the holidays guilt free? Maybe a New Year's resolution could be to renew your packaging and switch to renewable and recyclable materials? We know by now that the consumers increasingly prefer this.

We also know that 96% of the UK consumers actually recycle their paper – helping the environment cope. Another thing which is appreciated in the UK regarding recycling, is when a packaging comes in all the same material. This makes it easier for the consumer to recycle it, everything goes in the same bin, making it effortless to recycle.

In Germany recycling is big, and almost a little hip. You want to be one of the recycling people, and the people in Germany see their country as a role model for recycling and take pride in it. Caring about the environment means caring for future generations. This means reducing the exhaust of natural resources, making material reusable and to stop polluting the earth with non-biodegradable waste.

Another thing that could affect the environment in a positive way is reusable packaging. In China for example, consumers are more likely to purchase a product that has a packaging that can be reused at home.

These are a few things to consider when we now enter the holiday season. Let's not forget to have a good time, and enjoy and celebrate this Christmas, for all of us today and for future generations to come.

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