Attitudes on storage of food and food packaging

Published 27 April 2017
What are your consumers’ attitudes when it comes to today’s packaging? This time we will look a little deeper into what they really think is important, and how satisfied they are.

Common to all the three countries we studied, Germany, China and the UK, is that they think that as little packaging as possible is good, and packaging that is stackable for storage is preferred. Packaging that is flexible and adaptable to the content is also liked. As we have seen before, Germany and the UK are fairly similar; the attitudes towards packaging that is individually wrapped is very polarized in both these countries. The habit is to not repack.

We can see slightly more concerns about food safety in Germany than in the UK, but as shown many times, food safety is much more in focus in China. Repacking food in other containers before storing in cupboard or freezer is more common in China than in Europe. Packaging including individually wrapped items is preferred in China, although some people are also heavily criticizing it..

When it comes to the importance of packaging for the consumers’ choice of products, in case of ice cream it is pretty similar in all three countries; packaging is quite important. Apart from that, packaging of fresh food seems to play a bigger role for the choice of product in Germany and the UK than in China. In Germany and the UK, the food categories where packaging plays the most important role for the choice of product are meat, ice cream and then fruit. In China, the importance of packaging is the highest in prepared meals biscuits, and snacks.

So – are the consumer’s happy with today’s packaging?According to our consumer insights, the answer is that the satisfaction with packaging for all food categories is pretty high. In all the three countries, the consumers are the least satisfied with the packaging for prepared meals. The gap between the importance and satisfaction is the largest for prepared meals in China. The British and German consumers are more satisfied.

Last but not least, let’s see what kind of packaging consumers are willing to pay more for. In China, food safety proven packaging is by far the most important parameter that people are willing to pay more for. In Germany it is that the packaging is environmental friendly; followed by reusable packaging, resealable packaging and packaging that protects the food well. In the UK, functional packaging parameters are on top of the list: resealability followed by recyclablity and reusability.

So, is this cohesive with what you thought?

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