China and perception of quality in consumer packaging

Published 16 May 2017
This time we are taking a closer look at China, and what the consumers’ perception of quality in consumer packaging is there. First off, the perception of quality is diverse.


  • 20% of the Chinese consumers associate paperboard with premium, high quality
  • 55% believe the quality of packaging material is a sign of the quality of the product inside
  • 43% associate shiny texture with premium or high quality


Also, if the packaging is too flimsy and collapses in your hand, it will be dismissed as low quality. To the Chinese consumers, the premium packaging sends clear signals:


  • Carton, hard paper or reusable tin
  • Quaint or special material
  • Traditional and handmade
  • Packaging with an elegant and expensive impression, often branded
  • Environmentally friendly

When it comes to food packaging, the Chinese are extremely concerned about health issues and the food safety. This has a lot to do with the fact that the country has nearly 1.4 billion inhabitants, the air is polluted and the country has suffered from several severe food scandals. It has even made the Chinese government institute a new legislation on food safety and sustainability. This all happened so fast that many companies have not had time to prepare for new solutions.

So, it is not very surprising that food safety is the number one concern for the Chinese consumers. They are willing to pay more for food safety proven packaging, and they prefer portion packs that guarantee the hygiene and safety of products.

So it seems that consumers in China are expecting changes when it comes to food packaging, so there are great opportunities for brands and packaging providers who listen to the consumers and meet their demands.

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