Stora Enso supplies CLT to Gotland's first multi-storey residential house with massive wooden frames

Published 28 September 2017
Stora Enso will supply massive wood products for new production of 64 apartments in Visby, Gotland in Sweden.

Stora Enso will be supplying wood products in the form of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) for walls, floor joists, ceilings and balcony accesses. The total volume of the delivery will be approximately 1,650 m3. "We are proud to have been selected as the wood products supplier for this housing project. We can see an increased interest in wood in construction. Wood is the only fully renewable building material, so from a sustainability point of view, there is no better option," says Mikael Lindberg, Sales Manager Scandinavia from Division Wood Products, Stora Enso.

Visby based Arriba Byggnads, together with the coastal towns’ development company Kuststaden Projektutveckling, act as project developer and building contractor for the apartments in the Sergeant 1 quarter.

"It is important for us to build in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Wood is a climate smart building material," says Daniela Hinas, Construction Engineer from Arriba Byggnads. "This is an extremely interesting project from several aspects. For example, it is the first multi-storey residential housing project in Gotland that is built with a massive wood frames. Arriba Byggnads has long advocated building in wood, and the development of massive wood opens up new possibilities. We see many benefits with this and are already planning for the next project."

Some of the other operators in the project include Murman arkitekter who, together with Arriba Byggnads, made the winning competition entry for the landscaping and design of the property, and Woodconstruction Sweden which will design and manage the massive wood installation.

The Sergeant 1 quarter consists of a total of 64 apartments divided into four house bodies; two houses with four floors and two houses with two floors. Construction starts during autumn 2017. The buildings are estimated to be ready for residents to move in during the last quarter of 2018.