Packaging as pure as its content

Published 19 October 2018
Don’t judge the book by its cover, they say – but is that really marketable when it comes to packaging? Actually not, it is on the contrary. Based on our study consumers really evaluate packaging to understand what’s inside, so packaging is important help for consumers to pick the right kind of products for their needs.
Consumers today are aware of the surrounding world and how it affects their everyday lives. They care about their health and about the environment, and their way of influencing it is through their consumption habits. With that in mind, it is no wonder that consumers crave organic food as people tend to think that organic is automatically linked to sustainability.

Matching the packaging with what’s inside helps them identify the food they want. Also, organic packaging communicates that its content is healthier and better for you than the average ones. “I would spend more money if only I could be sure that it’s real bio food,” an average German consumer said.

As a result of this trendy way of thinking, packaging with organic appearance is seen as the new premium – to such wide extent that some brands are copying the organic look also for products that are not organic. It could be plastic bags designed to look like matte, rustic brown paper and artisanal illustrations.

The criteria for truly natural packaging are a smart design and solid material made from renewable natural resources. In addition to these more functional characteristics, it also needs natural design – mute colours, rough surface rather than smooth, paperboard material, simple and plain packaging. To attract the consumer, packaging with organic appearance should deliver the feeling of unprocessed nature.

So what insights to bring from this in to your new packaging design strategy? Develop packaging that is as pure as its content, and based on renewable natural material. Due to many consumers’ lack of knowledge and confusion about organic, communicating the natural origin of the packaging is even more important in reaching the consumers.

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