Attractive new paperboard cups for dairy packaging

Published 13 November 2018
Renewable materials are making a strong entry into dairy packaging. One company that is heavily expanding in that business is Haifa-based Copy Center, which now delivers dessert packaging cups to Tnuva, the largest dairy in Israel. The cups are made from Stora Enso’s Cupforma Dairy 2PE board.

The new cups were introduced last year for the brand Yolo (which is also an acronym for ‘you only live once’), which is Tnuva’s premium product line of various chocolate puddings, and one of the country’s biggest-selling dessert brands.

“Tnuva had asked us to create a totally new packaging concept for Yolo, aiming to become the leading dessert brand. Paperboard stands out as a modern option for dairy packaging, and it has environmental benefits over plastic. The look and feel of paperboard give a high-end impression, especially with sophisticated finishing effects such as the embossing and foil that we see in the cups for Yolo. The introduction was highly successful and exceeded everyone’s expectations,” says Uri Drori, CEO of Copy Center.

Since then, Tnuva has been consistently increasing their order quantities and switching more products from plastic to paperboard cups. Copy Center has respectively invested in its production, design and service capacities to meet the high delivery, safety and quality demands of food companies.

“We believe that board-based food packaging will be a growth engine for us, so we have invested in the latest cup machines as well as state-of-the-art printing, digital cutting and foiling technology. Cups can be made in different shapes and sizes and can be used in many other products such as, ice cream, cereals and soups packaging, as well,” Mr Drori says.

According to him, Cupforma Dairy is working great in all the processes. It has good strength, formability and print result, and the machines are running very efficiently. Cupforma Dairy is a packaging board specially developed for dairy cups, so it provides optimal protection for the contents, with safety and freshness guaranteed throughout the product’s shelf life.

The lids for Yolo are also made from paperboard, which requires excellent formability of the board and a specific forming machine. The flat rim of the cup is another outstanding feature of the design.