Packaging for frozen and chilled food

Published 21 November 2018
Let’s dive deeper into the world of frozen and chilled food, which is a fast-growing category strongly driven by consumer trends such as growing population and urbanization. Frozen and chilled food category spans from basic products like butter, cheese and yogurt to fish and meat products, as well as convenience food like desserts and ready-meals – whatever you keep in your fridge and freezer to use for cooking, meals and snacks throughout the day.

More and more people live in cities and buy their food packaged from supermarkets. Frozen and chilled food is purchased and consumed by hundreds of millions of people on daily basis, so it really matters how it is packed – whether the packaging materials are based on renewable resources and whether they are recyclable.

What more needs to be considered when developing packaging for frozen and chilled food? Two parameters are evident: it should keep the food fresh and protect it from challenging conditions throughout the distribution chain. Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting the food content and thereby contributing to our wellbeing and minimizing food waste.

Not everyone knows that paperboard can provide the necessary protection and barrier properties also for foodstuffs that are stored in a fridge or freezer. Ensuring freshness and packaging safety comes down to various factors such as thickness and strength of the board, and selecting the right barrier coating. Hiqh-quality paperboard is taste and odour neutral and compliant with food safety regulations.

Food industry and retail are currently on the move from plastic to renewable materials, which can be seen on plastic-free aisles at supermarkets, products switching to paperboard packaging and paper bags offered at fresh food departments instead of plastic. Pay attention to what you choose – whether you are shopping or developing new packaging! Value Wheel by Stora Enso can help finding a suitable product for different foodstuffs, so consult our local representative for further information.