High customer satisfaction with CLT by Stora Enso

Published 2 February 2018
According to the study made amongst Stora Enso's CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) customers in Central Europe, our customers are very satisfied with the CLT quality.

“We are extremely pleased with the survey result that indicates overall 90 percent product satisfaction. Providing top quality material is our absolute priority, and we are glad to see that our customers think the same”, emphasises Herbert Jöbstl, SVP of Stora Enso's Wood Products in Central Europe.


Sustainability aspects count

Sustainability was ranked as second most important aspect of CLT in the survey as the customers were asked to list the sales arguments.

“Stora Enso is dedicated to sustainable construction that also helps in tackling the climate change”, Herbert Jöbstl continues. “It is great to see that our customers have also recognised wood as the material for the future that makes a major contribution to protecting the climate and the environment”.

The most important argument was, however, the high degree of prefabrication, which means substantially shorter construction times, and ensures easy assembly and installation.

In addition, the customers valued the special visual appearance of the CLT as well as healthy and enjoyable room environment created with it.

The CLT survey was conducted among some 300 customers from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland during late 2017.

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