Nautical base built with LVL by Stora Enso

Published 20 February 2018
The Nautical Base is a new community building for the local sailing club owned by the city of Fréjus, France, close to Cannes.
The project, built with LVL by Stora Enso, consists of two completely removable buildings. One building with a floor space of 500 square metres is for the administration (reception, office, classroom, lockers and even infirmary) and another with 400 square metres for the storage (sails and other equipment).

45 m³ of LVL in X grade have been used for the project. The main reason for selecting LVL was high level of precutting that enabled the short construction time as well as the low weight of the material.

“The delivery had to be early in the morning, very fast and precise as the carpenter had only a few hours permission to unload. The loading order was carefully planned so that the panels could be installed directly in the unloading order. Additionally, due the summer season it was important to finish the work before people started coming to the beach”, Didier Sauvage, Sales Manager LVL, Stora Enso's Wood Products, explains the challenges of the project.

The building work started in June 2017 and was finished at the end of October 2017.

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