Making a difference with wood construction in Vienna

Published 26 March 2018
Cross laminated timber (CLT) offers time savings, good structural properties and pleasant indoor climate, among its advantages for a sustainable future.
Cross laminated timber (CLT) is the main material used annually in the construction of dozens of new school projects in Central Europe. CLT offers virtually boundless possibilities in terms of construction concepts and architecture, and is fully compatible with other building materials. In fact, it offers many advantages over conventional construction materials, such as short set-up time, good insulating properties and positive CO2 balance.

Over recent years, Stora Enso has provided CLT to build more than 50 schools in Central Europe. Of these, ten are located in Vienna, Austria. In the latest project, Quellenstraße, the classic carpentry company Raimund Baumgartner GmbH, specialising in timber structures, was responsible for the timber construction of the building. This school expansion was finalised at the end of 2017.

“We usually have very tight schedules for the school projects as they are implemented during the summer holiday period. Hence, using CLT allows us to plan the construction precisely in advance, and assemble these multi-storey buildings quickly. We believe that the demand for CLT will increase in the future due to the good structural properties and pleasant indoor climate created by wood. We see CLT as the construction material for a sustainable future,” says Patrick Wastian, Project Manager at Raimund Baumgartner.

“The sustainable use of resources is extremely important to us. Hence, wood is a natural choice. Especially in school buildings, we need to consider our responsibility towards future generations. The precisely and on-time prefabricated elements can be assembled flexibly, quickly and efficiently,” says Rainer Loos, Project Manager at WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH, a company that has worked with Stora Enso on several school projects.

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