Sustainable wooden solutions in Urban Future Conference

Published 1 March 2018
Urban Future, the largest European event for sustainable cities is for the first time taking place in Vienna 28.2 – 2.3. Stora Enso is participating the event for the first time.
Modern and sustainable residential construction using renewable materials has a major role to play in the present and future requirements of complex urban landscapes.

"Sustainability is the priority at Stora Enso and we are proud to present our innovative wood products, such as CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber), to a wide international audience. We have extensive experience in a large number of flagship projects worldwide, which have used CLT from Austria," explains Herbert Jöbstl, SVP of Stora Enso Wood Products in Central Europe

Sustainable construction a key factor in urban planning

Compared to traditional construction, the ecological benefits of wood are obvious: it is a renewable material that stores CO2 and ensures a good ecological balance, making it a truly sustainable construction material.

Another advantage to meet the complex requirements of rapidly growing cities is technological innovations that produce viable and efficient wooden construction materials. For example, CLT offers short construction times thanks to its high level of prefabrication, as well as a high load-bearing capacity in relation to a low deadweight, quakeproof construction and up to 10 per cent more living space.

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