CLT by Stora Enso awarded with the INIES 2018 Trophy for new FDES registrants

Published 9 July 2018
Stora Enso's cross-laminated timber (CLT) was awarded with the INIES 2018 Trophy for new registrants in the annual conference of the INIES Foundation in Paris, France, 3 July 2018.

Assessment of the environmental performance of materials

INIES is the French national reference database for environmental and health data on construction products and equipment, and the provider of Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets (FDES).

The main role of the FDES is to provide objective information about the product's function and lifespan in a project to those who want to add unbiased environmental and health criteria to their usual criteria, such as technical, economic and aesthetic choices.

The FDES sheets are based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and play an important role when thinking about the growing importance of circular economy in the building industry. Beyond energy indicators and greenhouse gas emissions, the FDES incorporate VOC emissions of the products, one of the parameters useful for the indoor air quality.

"FDES sheets are irreplaceable for evaluating the environmental performance of building materials. The multi-criteria model helps professionals make choices that will make their buildings more sustainable, with limited impact on the environment, while creating also a healthy atmosphere for future users", comments Maxime Besnard, Stora Enso's Business Development Manager for France.

"This is actually the first time when a massive wooden building product is listed! Having CLT in the national database also strengthens its role as an efficient and responsible material choice", Besnard rejoices.

Photo of the Inies award winners Awarding the INIES 2018 Trophies to the new FDES registrants was one of the highlights of the event orchestrated by the HQE-GBC Alliance.

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