Natural is the new premium

Published 17 August 2018
The times are constantly changing, design trends come and go, and so our perceptions of what is classically considered as premium is about to change. Following the growing eco-awareness, more and more people are personally concerned about what and how they consume, and how their way of living affects the surrounding world. This has an impact on their choice of packaging.
With this in mind, it is no wonder why sustainable, renewable and recyclable packaging is highly valued by consumers. Consumers think about the environment as they choose products in the stores, and – they increasingly want organic food and expect it to be packed in eco-friendly materials.

But not only materials but also graphic design trends are changing as brands interact with the environmentally conscious consumers. Overtly colourful packaging is to a wider extent perceived as cheap and outdated these days. Instead, consumers want natural and organic look and feel both in product and packaging. Subtle colour, matte finish and minimalistic design is trending.

“I think brown paper always works well. It feels rustic and raw, “no additives”, safe and all that stuff,” said a UK-based consumer in our study.

A perfect packaging material to make a natural impression is CKB Nude by Stora Enso. As an uncoated, unbleached board made from 100% fresh fibre, CKB Nude embraces the beauty of nature’s own shades of brown – creating a look that is both timeless and trendy.

Furthermore, don’t forget that consumers often talk about the look of the packaging when they actually mean the feel of it. So, it is the really the interplay of the tactile properties of the material, the weight, rigidity and shape of packaging and the graphic design together that makes or breaks the illusion. Fortunately for you as packaging developer, paperboard is a chameleon and can be both environmentally friendly and shining premium at the same time!

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