Red Dot award for packaging to our partner

Published 12 November 2019
Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG in Germany has won the recognised Red Dot design award for packaging in 2019. The design called Box in Box makes the most out of the versatility of our renewable paperboards, which provide exciting, tactile surfaces for the designers to play with.

The set of boxes reflects new trends and tendencies. It is inspired by the well-known matryoshka dolls from Russia: one piece fits inside a larger one to create a complete set of five nesting pieces. As curiosity leads to unpacking one box after the other, the boxes provide new inspiration for designers, not only regarding the four trends featured, but also in terms of the creative possibilities offered by hot stamping. The designers are Annie Kuschel and Julia König, supported by Christoph Marchl from Leonhard KURZ.

Each box is different, translating the trends into visible and tangible experiences enabled by our renewable materials. The materials used are Ensocoat 2S™, Performa White™ and CKB Carrier™ by Stora Enso.

Image: Leonhard KURZ