Beware of fraudulent communications attempts

Published 11 December 2019
Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated. Stora Enso is aware of several types of fraud where criminals are contacting customers, suppliers or other business partners to convince them to act in a certain way. The messages may be sent in the names of known Stora Enso representatives and therefore very difficult to detect.

It has for example come to Stora Enso’s attention that a fraudulent fax, allegedly sent in the name of company CEO, has recently been circulating. The fake fax purports to recommend placing advertising in certain publications. Stora Enso would never make such recommendations. The signature of the CEO has been forged. Another example is criminals who are trying to convince business partners to make payments to a fraudulent (wrongful) bank account.

In order to avoid that you as a business partner are deceived by similar messages we would like to give you the following advice:

  • Never make payments to other accounts than the account indicated in the original Stora Enso invoice.
  • Please note that the fraudsters might use very plausible explanations for the requested action or changed payment routine and you might also receive an e-mail message from a person/name you recognize at Stora Enso.
  • Never trust any other email domain than “@STORAENSO.COM”.
  • Notify your Stora Enso representative if you receive requests to make payments to alternative accounts, requests to submit other sensitive information or other behavior that you find suspicious, like the usage of any other email domain than “@STORAENSO.COM”. You can also send a mail to if you suspect attempted fraud.
  • Use the Stora Enso contact information you already have to call or email when making a report or verification request - do not reply to, or call a phone number found inside a suspicious email.