Update on Oulu Mill: Interview with Mikko Antsalo, SVP Sales, Paper Division

Published 16 December 2019
Mikko Antsalo leads the global Sales function at Stora Enso’s Paper division. We asked Mikko to comment on some questions that have been topical in the market. We’re now a year out from ceasing production of woodfree coated papers in Oulu. Read Mikko’s thoughts on the status of Oulu Mill and the future of Stora Enso’s paper business in a new decade.

Mikko, we have a year to go until the production of woodfree coated paper in Oulu will cease. Can you comment on your WFC plans for next year?

We are quite pleased that we have been able to maintain the trust of our key customers and ensure customer commitments for next year. We have been actively communicating to our customers that we will be producing Lumi as planned also next year until the end of Q3 when Oulu Mill will be converted to kraftliner production.

We are very committed to continue delivering to our customers next year – and of course maintaining the high quality of our woodfree coated paper products and service levels that customers value.

How will Stora Enso’s paper business look like after the Oulu mill conversion?

Stora Enso will continue to be a major player in the paper business; even after the Oulu conversion we will be clearly the second biggest paper producer in Europe with a wide product portfolio covering all paper qrades except WFC.

What are your main markets?

Approximately 80% of Stora Enso’s paper sales come from Europe and 20% from overseas markets. Europe is our home base; we have nine paper mills in Finland, Sweden, Belgium and Germany serving our customers globally.

Mikko Antsalo, SVP Sales, Paper Division

Mikko Antsalo, SVP Sales, Paper Division