New Natura enhanced with MFC – making the most out of our renewable materials

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New Natura™ by Stora Enso is a liquid packaging board enhanced with micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) for extra strength and lower weight. It was introduced in milk cartons in 2015, but now the material is available for any customers who want to reduce the weight and improve the sustainability of their packaging.

“New Natura enhanced with MFC delivers the best in product protection as well as printing, converting and filling performance but at a lower weight. It helps packaging manufacturers and consumer brands to use fewer raw materials, create less waste and lower their package weights. For consumers, the carton remains similar and easy to recycle, which is very important for today’s eco-aware consumers,” says Vesa-Pekka Aaltonen, Product Manager.

Stora Enso runs the world’s largest MFC production facilities at its Imatra Mills in Finland. MFC has the same basic chemistry as cellulose fibres but consists of smaller particles called micro fibrils, which improve the strength of the board.

“Stora Enso has been a pioneer in the development of MFC for decades, and today we can tailor the fibres to fit for purpose. Our MFC makes the fibre mesh stronger, so we can reduce weight without compromising the stiffness, strength or other board properties that are vital for the packaging performance. This saves raw material and makes New Natura even more sustainable, renewable and recyclable raw material for beverage cartons,” says Aaltonen.

New Natura enhanced with MFC can be used for any gable top liquid packaging application: dairy products, juice, other beverages, soups and spices. It is available with PE or high-barrier coating, depending on the product packed and the barrier properties required to protect it.

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When combined with the right barrier, Natura product family serves a wide array of packaging applications such as dairy products, milk, juice, soups, spices, water and yoghurt packaging.