Löfbergs award-winning packaging

Swedish Löfbergs awarded for its organic coffee and climate-friendly packaging

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The Swedish coffee roaster Löfbergs was presented with a Bronze Award for its assortment of iced coffee at 2019 SIAL Innovation Awards in Canada. In addition to good flavor and completely natural ingredients, the jury highlighted the cylindrical shape and recyclability of the package, which looks like a metal can but is made of paperboard.
The package, CartoCan® is manufactured with a liquid packaging system provided by Hörauf including a specially developed barrier-coated paperboard produced at Stora Enso. CartoCan® is a renewable packaging solution with a premium look and feel for non-carbonated drinks as well as dry food. The innovative package is helping Löfbergs to meet the growing ready-to-go drinks market.

“Taking responsibility for people and the environment has always been important to us, and that work extends over the entire value chain. We take responsibility from bean to cup, from the farm to end consumer. With its renewable, wood-based fibres, CartoCan® supports us in reaching our goal to only use recyclable or renewable material in all our packages by 2030 at the latest,” says Eva Eriksson, Director of Quality & Sustanability at Löfbergs.

The company’s main markets are Sweden and other Nordic countries, but the since 2017 Löfbergs has been selling both coffee and cold drinks in the Canadian market. CartoCan preserves aroma very well, providing a shelf life up to twelve months for products such as coffee, wellness drinks, energy drinks and smoothies. The surface of the board is ideal for flexo printing with water-based inks, supporting earthy graphics as well as metallic graphics for premium brand positioning. Hörauf supplies the printed reels to the customer for converting into cans on a state-of-the-art forming and aseptic filling line from Hörauf.

“We clearly see an increasing trend among premium brand-owners looking for packaging solutions based on renewable materials. Demand for climate-smart solutions in the ready-to-go drink segment is also increasing. CartoCan is therefore an interesting fit with our innovation agenda, which aims to develop high-barrier materials with a low-carbon footprint”, says Fredrik Werner, Segment Sales Director in Stora Enso’s Consumer Board division.

“The eco-awareness among consumers is not only about the organic content, the package must talk the same language as the product. From a brand-owner perspective, innovative yet renewable packages that also stick out design-wise go very much hand-in-hand with their brand positioning,” says Hans Steiner, Sales and Marketing CartoCan® Europe.

About Löfbergs
Löfbergs is one of the largest family-owned coffee roasters in the Nordic countries, founded in 1906 and now in its fourth generation. The production is equivalent to more than 10 million cups of good coffee per day. The company has its head office in Karlstad, in the heart of Sweden, and is one of the world's largest purchasers of organic and Fairtrade-labeled coffee.

About Hörauf
Located in the south of Germany, we work with highly-educated people to realise tomorrows needs of the packaging service industry. 240 employees, including 40 in R & D, are constantly developing new packaging technologies and packaging systems that meet consumer needs. More than 200 worldwide active patents confirm the high competence of the company Hörauf. CartoCan® is the ec –friendly alternative to Aluminium cans and plastic bottles for non carbonated drinks. Suitable for the environment and for your product success.