Rebhan introduces caps made of DuraSense biocomposite

Published 10 September 2019
DuraSense® by Stora Enso is a biocomposite material that can replace plastic packaging components such as bottle caps in beauty packaging. The German packaging manufacturer Rebhan, part of Certina Packaging, is now introducing the biocomposite caps as part of its GeenLine range for the cosmetics industry.

Stora Enso and Rebhan started cooperation in November 2018 as Rebhan was looking for new, sustainable material options made of renewable raw material. DuraSense is a mix of wood fibre and polymers and thereby offers customers a more eco-friendly alternative to plastics while improving sustainability performance and reducing carbon footprint.

DuraSense biocomposite in packaging

“We are seeing a wide array of new materials being introduced into the market that can have a much lower impact on the environment. So far, we have found no other material that works with our articles as well as DuraSense, and we very much appreciate Stora Enso’s technical knowhow,” says Project Manager Sandro Herrnbredel from Rebhan. “DuraSense responds to the complete chain of sustainability by saving the world’s fossil resources, having a low carbon footprint and being recyclable.”

The DuraSense grade used by Rebhan contains 50% bio-based, renewable material. It can make the carbon footprint up to 60% smaller, depending on the application.

“The high share of renewable raw material and low carbon footprint are important factors for the cosmetics and luxury brands who are looking for more sustainable packaging. We are very pleased that we can now support the brands with Rebhan as our first partner to make the DuraSense packaging components available on the cosmetics packaging market,” says Juulia Kuhlman, Senior Project Manager at Stora Enso.