Our liquid packaging board the first to qualify for Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Published 22 January 2020
Stora Enso has received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel approval for its fully renewable brown liquid packaging board. The ecolabel, which is widely used in the Nordic countries, gives customers an opportunity to communicate that their packaging is ecological and sustainably produced.

Consumers are increasingly interested in materials and their origin and look for eco-friendly packaging options. Ecolabels are one way to communicate that materials are ecological and sustainably produced. Customers benefit from the ecolabel since it provides third-party verified proof for superior environmental performance throughout the lifecycle of the product, and the label is today widely recognised by Nordic consumers.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel for liquid packaging promotes the use of renewable materials which help combat global warming, and advocates for the circular economy by ensuring packaging can be recycled in existing recycling systems. Other key requirements include sustainably produced and certified raw materials and approved chemicals.

Traditionally the Nordic Swan Ecolabel has covered the environmental performance of a product, and it is now being introduced for the first time for packaging of liquid food. Tetra Pak, who provides liquid packaging globally, is the first to qualify their liquid cartons for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. According to Tetra Pak, the ecolabel will help consumers make eco-friendly choices when shopping food.

The board approved according to the Nordic Swan criteria is Natura Life™ by Stora Enso with a plant-based barrier coating. Stora Enso also produces a Nordic Swan qualified, fully renewable board for paper cups, Cupforma Natura™ PE Green by Stora Enso.