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Train'n'Treat pet training supplies lower its carbon foot print with biocomposites

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Dog owners want the best for their pets and choosing the right training accessories is a must for a happy, active dog. Finnish pet training accessory brand Train’N’Treat used DuraSense® to create sustainable products.

Train’n’Treat is a Finnish pet training accessory brand that was born out of a real need for innovation. Training their dog and rewarding him with treats, got Sami and Outi Syrjälahti, founders of Train’n’Treat, looking for a solution that would make pet training easier. The idea was simple – a clicker that turns sausages into bite-sized treats. Sustainability was essential for Train’N’Treat from the beginning. Developing a climate-friendly pet training accessory was just as important as innovation itself and the mechanical performance of the product. “For us, it was obvious right from the start that we wanted to minimize the carbon footprint of our product,” Sami Syrjälahti explains. This is why Train’N’Treat is made from a biocomposite material with exceptional durability and a carbon footprint that is lower than that of plastic. The focus on sustainability is also highlighted by the packaging that is made of CKB Kraft Board by Stora Enso.

For Train’N’Treat, reducing waste was another way to focus on sustainability. Sami Syrjälahti says: “There are a lot of disposable products on the pet accessory market, but we wanted to develop something that is made to last.” The combination of biocomposite and stainless steel metal parts makes Train’N’Treat sturdy and durable, a perfect accessory for years of fun pet training. Designed with dog owners’ needs in mind, Train’N’Treat is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean it and get it ready for the next adventure.
Train’N’Treat is launching globally in September 2020, aiming to bring sustainable pet training accessories to dog owners in the United States as well as in Europe and its domestic market, the Nordics. “With sustainability, durability and uniqueness, we will for sure stand out,” Outi Syrjälahti concludes.