SMU Connexion Building

Singaporean commitment to sustainability

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In the middle of the Singapore Management University (SMU) campus, rises a brand new education facility – SMU Connexion that seamlessly bonds CLT (by Stora Enso) to the building’s steel frame.

“The new SMU Connexion is envisioned as a vibrant and dynamic learning facility that reflects SMU’s spirit of innovation and collaboration,” says Bharathy, Deputy Director of Campus Development, Office of Campus Infrastructure and Services (OCIS), SMU.

Moreover, the new building also highlights the sustainability commitment and efforts in developing new infrastructure based on the highest industry standards on environmental sustainability.

SMU Connexion project, built by Lian Ho Lee Construction, was our first project in Singapore,” says Erkki Välikangas, Stora Enso Building Solutions Sales Director in Asia.

The hybrid structure with steel frame and wooden floors were used for this 5-floor building.

Wood for the future

“Choosing CLT by Stora Enso as the main construction material, covering over 70% of material use, we were able to support and align with the nation’s objective in safeguarding the environment. At the same time, use of CLT proved beneficial for the project on many fronts like safety in construction, improving productivity many folds, overall time savings, cleaner and almost noiseless installation on-site,” says Bharathy.

“We delivered almost 1,400m3 of CLT by Stora Enso and are extremely delighted of similar sustainability goals throughout the project. Wood is the only renewable construction material suitable for modern large-scale construction,” Erkki Välikangas emphasises.

SMU Connexion building - Photo credit: Singapore Management University

Photo credit: Singapore Management University

The amount of wood used in SMU building grew in 23 minutes in Austrian forests removing about 1 022 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when the trees were growing. This is embodied within the wooden construction for its entire lifetime.

“The new building will host numerous flexible learning and recreational functions. Creative use of innovative furniture ensures a sense of openness and transparency within the building to safeguard future flexibility,” Bharathy concludes.

The Singapore Management University (SMU), established in 2000, is an internationally known university focusing on entrepreneurial leadership education. SMU’s city campus is a modern facility located in the heart of downtown Singapore.