Low carbon fish packaging helps business and the climate

Too often businesses have considered sustainability as an expense. Yet climate friendly solutions increasingly provide more benefits to companies than environmental ones.

Reduce plastics in the fish industry with help of a package with lower climate impact

One of our customers in the fishing industry, Kalaneuvos and their sister company Nordic Trout, have a mission to be the biggest and the most sustainable fish industry company in Finland and Sweden. One step on their journey towards their goal was to substitute polystyrene foam packages by a more sustainable fish packaging. The switch to EcoFishBox gave them more benefits than just low-carbon packaging for fish.

"The use of styro boxes is very common in the fish industry. For our customers the disposal of these styro boxes has been a big issue. When EcoFishBox came, this problem was solved and it increased customer happiness a lot." Toni Hukkanen COO, Kalaneuvos

Reduced carbon footprint and improved circular economy with EcoFishBox

Nordic Trout uses the EcoFishBox to ship fish from the fish farm to Kalaneuvos for processing. Kalaneuvos also uses the EcoFishBox to send fish to grocery stores. Nordic Trout CEO Alf-Håkan Romar explains that their sustainability work is a collaborative process with their customers through the whole value chain, from the fish farm to the plate. The upgrade from polystyrene boxes to EcoFishBox reduced costs as they now transport 1/7 the volume. With plastic boxes replaced by a more climate friendly EcoFishBoxes, carbon emissions are also reduced. Kalaneuvos also get more satisfied customers because EcoFishBox is easy to recycle and doesn’t take up as much space as the traditional polystyrene boxes. 

“I think it's very easy to recycle. It’s quick to rinse, then they are left to dry, stacked and placed in recycling. It’s always a good thing if you get less waste and the carbon footprint is reduced.” Mira Lehtinen, K-Citymarket Sastamala

Watch their story and find out how EcoFishBox supports their mission to be the most sustainable fish farm in Finland and Sweden.

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Award-winning packaging with at least 40% smaller carbon footprint*

EcoFishBox is an award-winning and patented fish packaging solution with benefits for both business and climate. EcoFishBox achieves between 40-73% lower carbon emissions compared to EPS boxes, according to our study. Variation in impact depends on packaging size and location. Learn more by downloading our LCA report. Being recyclable in many countries and made of mainly renewable materials, the fiber-based EcoFishBox reduce the amounts of plastics in the fishing industry. 

*According to our LCA report