Daycare at Kolvereid

CLT360+ bridging the gap between 3D model and construction site

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In the small Norwegian town of Kolvereid, a brand new day care started to rise in the beginning of 2020. The day care was one of wood construction company Woodcon’s many timber projects, but what looked like an ordinary building site was the testing ground for CLT360+, a digital assistant that is set to simplify the installation process.

An efficient building site

The newly launched CLT360+ is a smart digital solution that aims to make piles of wet paper on the construction site a thing of the past. By centralising all information in one place and making it easily available in a mobile app, CLT360+ makes installation more organised and efficient.

CLT360+ enables teams working on site to scan element QR codes to see the exact placement of the element in a 3D model of the project. This not only saves time, but also simplifies the process, explains Kaarle Rasi, Digital Product Owner: “CLT360+ helps element installation teams to instantly check where each CLT or LVL element should be installed, whereas the team would have had to carry a pile of papers to identify the location before.”

A mutual learning process

CLT360+ was developed utilising lean principles and a close collaboration with Stora Enso’s partners like Woodcon. Kaarle Rasi says that this collaborative approach was the key to prioritising features and steering the development: “Involving our partners early on has definitely been a positive experience and their pilots at construction sites have played an essential part in the development of CLT360+.”

The learning process was mutual - the CLT360+ team learned about what matters the most to the installation team on site, while partners got the opportunity to explore the digital solution.

Bringing improved performance and speed to the site

The team at Woodcon has been involved in the development of CLT360+ from the earliest version, then called CLT360. Magnus Andersen, Head of Project at Woodcon, explains that the idea of solving the on-site efficiency puzzle first emerged a long time ago: “As far as I can remember, we had an idea of an app that would help the assembly guys to perform better, faster and with better control.”

Woodcon teamed up with Stora Enso and the first version of a smart element installation assistant was born.

From 3D model to a day care in Norway

Woodcon piloted the new CLT360+ app at the site for a new day care in Kolvereid, Norway.  The timber elements were installed in January 2020 and the team used CLT360+ to keep track of the project: “CLT360+ helped us get an overview of where the different elements should be placed and also to see what’s included in each package by scanning the QR code,” explains Magnus Andersen. He also highlights the improved graphics and the option to hide elements as two features the team found very useful during the project.

Kolvereid model in CLT360+

Image: Woodcon

Kaarle Rasi says that the QR code scanning is the most appreciated asset as it is a core feature that allows users to instantly recognize and pinpoint the installation location. “But I also rather like the lorry search that shows the location of all elements arriving on one delivery which I hope our customers will also find useful in their daily work,” he adds.

Building site at Kolvereid

Image: Woodcon

The future of the digitalised construction site

What is next for CLT360+ and the digitalised construction site? Kaarle Rasi sees plenty of opportunities, but as always, customer feedback comes first: “Now that we have launched the service, we hope to get as many of our customers as possible familiar with the app. Once they start using it, they will most likely see their pain points from a new perspective – as something we can help them solve with further development of CLT360+.”

Read more about CLT 360+ or try the app by downloading it directly to your iOS or Android device.