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Upgrading the reading experience – BriteBook combines outstanding print results with great value

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BriteBook is Stora Enso’s newest uncoated mechanical paper that delivers superb readability with as much as 30 per cent cost savings.

Ideal for educational books amongst others, BriteBook offers a superior reading experience that only paper can deliver, but at significantly lower cost, less weight and using fewer natural resources than wood-free alternatives.

Moreover, BriteBook offers an excellent choice in general use situations where lightweight paper is desired without compromises in output quality.

“Our printing, book publishing and distribution partners have compelling reasons for considering BriteBook paper,” explains Juha Ceder, Vice President for Stora Enso’s News & Book Segment.

Ceder gives an example how publishers using BriteBook (60 g/m2) paper can produce a book of exactly the same size and number of pages as heavier (80 g/m2) wood-free grades. Hence, less paper needed which translates into a cost savings of up to 30 per cent and a significantly smaller environmental footprint.

“Simply put, our customers can now use a lower basis weight to deliver a book with the same thickness and pagination, but at a lower cost.”

Timeless benefits of paper

BriteBook’s mechanical pulp-based paper ensures a delightful reading experience, achieving a CIE whiteness of 100 per cent in combination with an opacity level superior to wood-free paper.

“It reinforces our conviction that paper continues to offer unique benefits that cannot be matched in digital,” Ceder points out. “Research tells us that when reading a paper book, one absorbs more information and remembers more content than that of an ebook.”

A second point that Ceder notes in favour of paper is that book readers have been shown to score higher levels of immersion with their subject material. “They are better at following a story’s narrative and are less likely to be distracted than in digital reading, due in part to the tactile experience of holding a book in your hand.”

And finally, says Ceder, reading paper books has been shown to be less stressful and irritating on the human eye than prolonged reading from backlit digital devices, a major plus for educational reading.

At peace with the environment

Because of its lighter weight and ability to deliver the same print volume using fewer paper tonnes than that of wood-free substitutes, BriteBook is inherently friendlier on the environment. Furthermore, it is manufactured from renewable fibre, highly recyclable, and is offered with EU Ecolabel, FSC® and PEFCTM chain of custody certifications.

BriteBook supports CSWO, HSWO, SFO and InkJet printing methods, and is available in both reel and sheets at 60 g/m2 and 70 g/m2. For technical information and more about end-use areas and applications, please read the BriteBook product page

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Stora Enso PaperBriteBook product page

In focus

Juha Cedar

“When reading a paper book, one absorbs more information and remembers more content than that of an ebook.”

- Juha Ceder

BriteBook in brief

  • Uncoated mechanical paper featuring high bulk and excellent printability
  • Up to 30 per cent in cost savings over comparable wood-free paper
  • Environmentally friendly, less paper for the same volume as wood-free alternatives
  • A superb paper particularly for educational, text and children’s books
  • Available in both reel and sheets at 60 g/m2 and 70 g/m2 weights
  • EU Ecolabel, FSC® and PEFCTM chain of custody certifications

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