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Customers throughout the value chain are increasingly demanding products with lower environmental impact. Carbon neutrality is an asset that helps brand owners stand out. In addition to reducing their carbon footprint, customers are able to create a brand perception that today’s environmentally aware consumers will notice. To meet the expectations of brand owners and their customers, Stora Enso has launched the market’s first carbon-neutral cartonboard.

Carbon-neutral packaging services

Performa Light CarbonZero is produced at Stora Enso’s Fors site in Sweden, which is fossil carbon emission-free in both its production and, from the beginning of 2022, its internal logistics. This is a result of continuous work and investment in improving the operations. The production therefore already has very low greenhouse gas emissions.

To make Performa Light CarbonZero fully carbon neutral, the currently unavoidable emissions originating from raw material production are compensated for with a well established offsetting service provided by external partner South Pole.

In addition, Stora Enso offers a carbon offsetting service called CarbonZero. The service helps customers understand the environmental impact of their packaging through a life-cycle assessment (LCA). Based on the study, customers can determine and thus compensate for emissions that are currently difficult to avoid. Even though our renewable packaging has a low carbon footprint to begin with, the CarbonZero service helps offset the remaining emissions through carbon credits.

How carbon offsetting works

Carbon offsetting means voluntarily compensating for greenhouse gas emissions by buying carbon credits to support projects that benefit the climate. These projects cover areas such as renewable energy and increasing carbon sequestration by planting trees. The climate benefits achieved compensate for the emissions of a product or service the company offers.

“Our priority is always to reduce fossil emissions in our operations and value chain as much as we can, and our goal is eventually to offer carbon-neutral products without the need for offsetting. However, some emissions are still unavoidable today. Through carbon offsetting services we are already able to offer fully carbon neutral packaging now," says Kristiina Veitola, VP, Sustainability, Packaging Materials division.

Setting ambitious sustainability targets

Stora Enso believes that the key to combatting climate change involves the use of renewable materials, resource- and energy-efficient production processes, and sustainable forest management. In line with this, we have defined the ambitious goal that all our products will be 100% circular and net carbon and biodiversity positive by 2050.