ECO Meal RFID tag

Stora Enso introduces world’s first sustainable RFID tag for microwave-safe use

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Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging is expanding the selection of the sustainable ECO RFID –product family with a tag collection that is specifically designed for food & beverage items. Part of the new ECO RFID Food & Beverage Collection by Stora Enso is the world’s first paper tag for microwave-safe use, ECO Meal.

RFID technology is used in the food industry to automate processes, provide real-time ‘track and trace’ –functionalities, and support next-generation unmanned retail.

The new ECO Meal RFID tag by Stora Enso is specially designed for item-level tagging and tracking of ready-made meals. It is the first paper-based RFID tag on the market for this specific use case. Unlike traditional RFID tags, ECO Meal labels do not need to be removed from the food package prior to microwave heating, and the tags can be recycled in paper recycling.*

Other tags in ECO RFID Food & Beverage Tag Collection include ECO Cap, which is a perfect fit for plastic bottle caps, ECO Stripe, which is designed for on-metal applications, such as soda cans or packages with metallic layers, and ECO Hanger for carton and plastic packages.

To support retailers with food waste reduction, selected collection tags are also available with a unique expiry date feature, which enables retailers to identify items that are approaching their ‘best by’ or ‘use by’ date, thus enabling proactive actions to avoid food waste.

Using the sustainable ECO RFID Tag Technology by Stora Enso, the tags are 100% free of plastic and no harmful chemicals, such as etching, is used in their production. They are an environmentally friendly choice for companies committed to environmental values.

Learn more about the ECO RFID Food & Beverage Collection here.


* The patented ECO Meal RFID label has been tested in TÜV Rheinland® laboratory for microwave safety when attached to meal packaging. The tagging instructions must always be followed to ensure correct application.