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Stora Enso joins call for governments to make assessment and disclosure on nature mandatory

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Across different industries and value chains, mainstreaming actions on biodiversity and driving common standards is crucial to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

With UN Biodiversity Conference COP 15 approaching, Stora Enso has signed Business for Nature’s business statement asking governments to Make it Mandatory for business and finance to assess and disclose their impacts and dependencies on nature.

Together with other signatories, we believe demanding business for consistent disclosure on nature related performance is essential to effective action. As well as making net-zero commitments, businesses also have a role to play in reversing nature loss, protecting biodiversity and preserving species. Businesses must understand their impacts and dependencies to be able to manage them. And by disclosing, progress can be tracked.

At Stora Enso we are already in action, voluntarily sharing a suite of indicators on our biodiversity performance. This is our starting point as we look to continually evolve and improve both our transparency and performance on biodiversity. We have been working with active biodiversity measures for decades. We want to not only reduce harm, but to leave ecosystems better than we found them.

As part of our sustainability ambition, Stora Enso is committed to achieving a net positive impact on biodiversity in our own forests and plantations by 2050 through active biodiversity management.

Working towards this net-positive goal, we have:

  • Developed and initiated a set of actions towards 2030 to improve biodiversity on species, habitat and landscape levels in our own forests and with private forest owners.
  • Begun to work within and beyond the forest sector to improve biodiversity, through knowledge-sharing and active participation in formulating new policies and standards.

Learn more about our net positive goal on biodiversity and our biodiversity actions and reporting.