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The interior design and ambiance of Enjoy Bazaar, a restaurant in the heart of Stockholm, not only feature a unique and innovative dining idea for Sweden, but the interior design and setting also embody an impressive level of sustainability.

In the past, you didn't give the restaurant's interior any thought. The interior decor may have been aesthetically pleasing or useful, but it was almost never a part of the plan to boost sales. Today, we seek out holistic experiences and choose restaurants that appeal to all of our senses. A setting that produces a cohesive whole enhances the enjoyment of good meals. Going to a restaurant isn't just about getting fed; it's also about having a unique experience. The ones with thoughtful designs and recurrent themes tend to be more popular.

Behind the restaurant are Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander. The duo is famous for the two-star Michelin restaurant Aloë in Långbro, kitchen at Villa Dagmar, and Black Milk Sushi in Älvsjö. With Enjoy Bazaar, they now go one step further. This avant-garde restaurant houses four distinct cuisine concepts and expressions: Black Milk Sushi, Stacks, Boca Sueca, and Wake. Black Milk Sushi bridges the gap between fine dining sushi and take-out sushi, Stacks offers hamburgers with sides, Boca Sueca specializes in Swedish-inspired Mexican tortilla meals, and Wake delivers nutritious fare. As a result, an order from the same location can suit the needs and tastes of a complete group of friends or family. In the new restaurant at Engelbrekts plan, you can order items to dine on-site, to take home, or to take away.

When you go inside the restaurant, the first thing that draws your eye is the unusual and distinctive chairs. They have a floating design inspired by ocean kelp forests. The chairs and interior features in the restaurant are created from 50% recycled fishing nets and 50% wood fibers from Swedish sawmills through 3D printing. Upstairs, you're greeted by interesting railings that take on intriguing shapes and angles that are also 3D printed.

What is groundbreaking about 3D-printed interiors is that it allows you to construct shapes that were previously impossible to achieve with traditional craftsmanship.

"When we came up with the idea of creating well-prepared fast food of the highest caliber from scratch and delivering it to customers' homes, the idea of trying to maintain a sustainable way of thinking in as many ways as possible evolved. How is the food going to be packaged? What is the size of our carbon footprint in terms of construction, buying, and food waste? What applications are there for recycled materials? We worked with Stora Enso to create furniture and chairs using recycled fishing nets and wood fibers since they perfectly complemented our Sushi concept, environmental thinking, and design. The development was exciting and simple thanks to their size and production scale in Sweden," says star chef Niclas Jönsson.

Interior design is made via 3D printing in the innovative Oneloop concept. When the interior is not needed, Stora Enso recovers it, grinds it down, and develops new items. This circular business concept is fresh to the market and greatly appreciated. Fully functional interior design and furniture frequently wind up in landfills, which generate over 10 million tons of waste in the EU as a whole.

"Our continual effort to create a more sustainable future is the foundation of our purpose and principles. A future that encourages a bioeconomy where the manufacture and consumption of goods are based on wood as a renewable resource and is less reliant on fossil fuels. Today, many people use sustainable products, but for those items to have a significant impact, they must not only be created responsibly but also be designed for circular systems. OneLoop combines circular architecture, competitive price, and form-breaking interior design,” says Niki Jennische (Director Circular Products & Services) at Stora Enso.

Enjoy Bazaar