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Healthy forests for healthy people – our people connected by forests

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Forests carry many values and offer us with various benefits. They provide ecosystem services. They bind carbon and combat climate change. They provide nutrition and even ingredients for medicines. They safeguard a variety of species. They grant us renewable material that stores carbon. They boost mental health, relieve stress, and provide a beautiful environment for hikes and exercise.

To put it simply: healthy forests mean healthy people. For this, we also need to take of them for our planet and future generations. This is also the message of today’s International Day of Forests, celebrated by UN and organizations globally. Forests are also the core of everything we do in Stora Enso. It is no wonder, then, that many of our employees feel connected to forests in different ways, and we all share the wish to contribute to the health of forests now and in future.

To celebrate, some of our people told us about their relationship with forests.

Per Lyrvall
EVP Forest Division and Country Manager Sweden

"Forests have always been part of my life, so there is no question of how important they are for me – and for us as a company. Healthy forests are no more and no less than the most crucial element for life on our planet. But we also know that forests and biodiversity are in danger, and more must and can be done to reverse this trend. Sustainable forest management has always been a priority for Stora Enso, and we are committed to ensuring continuous regeneration of healthy forests and enhancing biodiversity.

I’m proud to say all our people are working passionately to preserve nature values as part of our forestry and wood supply operations. Forests are a source of livelihood, recreation, well-being, and renewable raw material that helps us to replace fossil-based ones, and hence it is our responsibility to ensure we can enjoy the many benefits forests can offer also in future."

Kristiina Räst
Sustainability & Stakeholder Affairs Manager, Forest Baltics

"I see a forest as a living organism that selflessly provides all the ecosystem services we need. If I go to a forest, I feel like I am with a friend who listens patiently and gives me peace. I’m amazed by its beauty and all the history it has seen. It’s also amazing, how a healthy forest can heal itself. This is why it’s important that we take care to balance forests’ different values. In my work, I get to do that by making sure suppliers’ forests are managed sustainably, biodiversity is enhanced actively, and local communities are engaged. This way we can help the forests to remain healthy – and retain their ability to heal."

Christoffer Malmberg
Forestry Expert, Forest Finland

"I have been living around forests all my life and will continue to do so, but forests are also a large part of my work. As a Forestry Expert, it’s important for me to listen to forest owners’ values and goals for their forests and to advise them on different opportunities to reach those goals. That’ why I think a lot about what is best for making a forest healthy: for me, a healthy forest is a well-growing forest with versatile species. I like different types of trees that keep the forest strong and diverse, and when I move in a forest, I just stop from time to time to admire the beautiful forest landscapes that we have."

William Westman
Machine Operator, Forest Sweden

"I work with harvesting, where sustainable forestry practices come into action in different ways, and nature consideration is an inseparable part of everyday work. We use a specific driving technique, that has been developed by us to have minimal soil impact. For biodiversity, we identify and leave old-growth trees, create high stumps as habitats, and are testing a new method of damaging chosen trees intentionally to increase certain type of deadwood. Helping nature in this way is important for me, because forests are an important part of my life: when not working, I fish, go mushroom-picking or just take walks in the forest."

Heidi Hämäläinen
Regional Director for East Finland, Forest Finland

"Forests offer a lot for me throughout the year, and I spend time both in commercial forests and national parks. Diverse forests fulfil different needs, and it’s vital that nature values in all of them are looked after. In my work with private forest owners, I can impact the health and sustainable use of commercial forests with good forest management, such as tending of seedling stands, thinning, and timely regeneration. Biodiversity actions are part of this every day: deadwood and retention trees, thickets for small animals, and mixed tree species are only some examples. In my free time, I also work in my own forest, where I like to follow forest growth and development and at the same time see the positive effect of my actions."

Ida Bränngård
Head of Forest Management, Forest Assets

"Forests are the lungs of our planet, and that’s why I am lucky that healthy forests are at the heart of my work. Our team works to balance the different needs in the forest on our own land in Sweden. In practice, we consider how we to create thriving forests that are resilient to climate change and enhance biodiversity while serving as an invigorating environment for people. Because forests provide us with so much. For instance, there is a forest just behind my house, and I go there for exercise, berries, and everything that nature has to offer in all seasons. I simply could not live without it: when the forest is healthy, I am healthy."