Papira by Stora Enso

Papira® supports art by Baiba Glass – with sustainable packaging and design excellence

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Papira® by Stora Enso proudly supports Baiba Glass – literarily. Our fiber-based and fully recyclable cellulose foam makes sure that Baiba’s fragile pieces safely find their way to show rooms and new homes all over the world.
Glass artist Baiba was in need for a packaging solution that would protect her artwork without compromising on neither aesthetics nor sustainability. In Papira® by Stora Enso, she found a lightweight solution with excellent shock absorbing properties to support her pieces. All while providing a sustainable, streamlined and smart looking package.

Bio-based and on brand

Papira® was cut into a perfect fit for Baiba. And in collaboration with the sustainable paper cable tie FibreStrap, Stora Enso designed a packaging solution that is bio-based, recyclable, and biodegradable – made of materials from sustainably managed forests. All while staying coherent with the Baiba brand.  

“ Baiba Glass creates unique art pieces, and the packaging should reflect the essence of this. There is so much thought behind every piece, and we loved the challenge to capture the beauty and intention in the box as well as in the opening experience”, says Paula Martirez, Business Development Manager at Stora Enso. 

With Papira® the artist Baiba can finally ship her art to showrooms and customers all over the world, while staying eco-friendly. No more bubble wrap and plastic zip ties, no more excessive makeshift wrapping, and no more broken glass on arrival. 

“ My dream was to create something sustainable that would keep my pieces safe. This is a very big step forward and I am so happy about this collaboration and being introduced to this material.”, says artist Baiba

Sustainable collaboration

Stora Enso believes that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today, can be made from a tree tomorrow. So teaming up with FibreStrap felt really natural. Made of long fibres from the Scandinavian forests, this paper cable tie reduces carbon footprint and water usage with 80 percent. It is strong, recyclable, and biodegradable – Made to endure, but not to last. 

“ We share a common purpose, and we are equally convinced of the necessity for innovation to address future challenges within the industry. These materials are both exciting and have the potential to revolutionize the packaging industry by reducing reliance on plastic. In addition to sustainability, we both have a strong design point of view in creating packaging solutions”, says Paula Martirez. 

The wood-based foam Papira® is manufactured in an environmentally friendly production 

Papira® is working on scaling from pilot to industrial production and aiming to be on the market in few years. In the meantime, we work with selected projects and companies in order to test, build knowledge, and prepare for implementation.   

For more information on Papira® by Stora Enso, please contact Paula Martirez at
Bio-based cellulose foam protects Baiba Glass