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On 13 February, Stora Enso launched a new partnership with International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) focused on how to deliver net positive impact on biodiversity and driving innovation in forestry and biodiversity. The partnership aims to explore how to harness technology to promote biodiversity in forestry, based on a framework developed by Stora Enso. Today, as World Wildlife Day encourages us to explore digital innovation for species, we wanted to take the opportunity to shed some light on the pioneering work done in Stora Enso.

Integrated approach to biodiversity and wood production across forest landscapes

Biodiversity is the variability of genes, species, and ecosystems, and in a managed forest, biodiversity and wood production co-exist. This complexity cannot be easily represented by any simple metrics, and so far most of the decision-making and planning tools have been designed to optimize forest management mainly for wood production. However, as more and more biodiversity data becomes easily available, we see increasing potential for taking a more integrated approach to forest management – to manage biodiversity and wood production side by side.

The backbone of our framework is built on digital forest data. The data is captured by remote sensing and other means to create a forest digital twin that can depict biodiversity and productivity on a very granular level. We can use this detailed data to model forest management actions in a certain area and predict their potential impact on rare species threatened by forestry.

These modelled scenarios serve as crucial information for us to adapt our biodiversity actions where it matters the most and promote those structures and habitats that are key to selected species. Simultaneously, we can model the consequences of each scenario for wood production and thereby drive production and biodiversity in an integrated manner across forest landscapes and from forest generation to the next.

Bridging between disciplines and forestry practice

To do this, we aim to utilize digital tools and combine data from different sources in a way that has not been done in the past in the forestry sector. We bridge ecological science, digital data technologies and forestry practice. The work requires a wide-ranging blend of in-house competencies and technical capabilities, ranging from field ecologists to remote sensing specialists.

We are extremely proud of our newly established collaboration with IUCN. We know we are on a ground-breaking and challenging journey, developing new solutions to the age-long forest management question of the balance between wood production and biodiversity. With its scientific experts and far-reaching experience, IUCN will be of great support and also critically examine us during our journey. We have much to learn, and we are sure our two-year collaboration will make a huge difference for us in achieving a net positive impact on biodiversity as well as driving sustainable transformation in the wider forestry sector.


Toby Croucher

Chief Sustainability Officer
Stora Enso

Annika Nordin, SVP Sustainability, Forest Division, Stora Enso

Annika Nordin

Senior Vice President, Sustainability
Forest Division
Stora Enso