A recycled mineral that can make your products more circular and reduce their carbon footprint

VersaLime™ by Stora Enso is a recycled mineral from pulp and paper refinement processes that helps you meet your customers' need for more circular materials. With VersaLime™ you can increase the recycled content and reduce the carbon footprint of products. VersaLime™ replaces non-renewable materials with a circular by-product from paper and board production.

VersaLime™ is:

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Supports your business and the environment

The raw material used in VersaLime™ is carbon neutral and comes from existing processes at our mills. This fact means that VersaLime™ can substantially reduce the carbon footprint of products when replacing other material with similar content. Paired with a competitive price, you can be sure that VersaLime™ supports both your business and the environment.

A smarter way to make use of what we already generate

VersaLime™ is a great example of the kind of circular economy Stora Enso strives to create with all our products and processes, both from an environmental and business perspective. Because VersaLime™ is a by-product of an existing process, it makes a good case for how a side stream can create extra value, reduce waste and lower the environmental impact while also reducing costs.

Versatile by name, versatile by nature

As its name suggests, VersaLime™ offers wide areas of application and can replace non-renewable and chemical materials.

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Key benefits and end-use applications

Key benefits

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    Supports your business and the environment

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    A circular material with competitive pricing
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    Reduce the carbon footprint of products

End use areas and application examples

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    Lightweight concrete

    VersaLime™ is today used as an additive in the production of lightweight concrete blocks – where it is successfully used to replace non-renewable, virgin material and additives.

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    Cement production

    In an industry struggling with high CO2 emissions, VersaLime™ is an optimal replacement for limestone as raw material in cement production thanks to its unique mineralogical composition.

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    Hydraulic road binder

    VersaLime™ is used to stabilise roads by creating a hard, durable, paving material – at a lower cost and with a reduced CO2 footprint compared to conventional material.

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Approved and ready to use

VersaLime™ is a registered chemical product approved by authorities according to the European REACH regulation.

Effective use of resources

VersaLime™ is part of what we call the circular concept – a drive to utilise side streams to their full potential and make good use of what we already generate.

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