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Tall oil

A versatile, valuable part of the bioeconomy

As a leader in renewable materials, Stora Enso is unearthing innovative ways to contribute to the bioeconomy. Our goal is to extract maximum benefit from the biomass resources we have. This also means minimising waste and lowering the environmental footprint for a healthier planet.

Crude tall oil by Stora Enso is a special source of many bio-based products. It is extracted from Nordic Softwood – a natural, renewable resource from our sustainably managed North European forests – during the kraft pulping process.

This valuable ingredient of the wood is a mixture of fatty acids, rosin and other neutral compounds. The crude tall oil (CTO) can be further refined to different fractions like fatty acids, rosins and sterols. These intermediates can be used in a wide variety of applications and products across various industrial and consumer markets. In addition, CTO can be refined and turned into biofuels replacing fossil based fuels. 

A trusted supplier of tall oil from a renewable resource 

Stora Enso supplies CTO to manufacturers in the wood products industry and beyond. Our continued success as a leading supplier in this industry rests on our reputation for reliability, consistent high-quality products, availability and technical expertise. 

From raw material to residue to remarkable products

Crude tall oil is a versatile material that maximizes the life cycle of wood-based raw materials. It is a non-land based non-food competing feedstock. 

CTO offers an alternative to petroleum- and vegetable-based oils, adding value in products such as detergents and soaps, adhesives, lubricants, paints and coatings, biofuels and much more.

Bio-based chemicalsTurpentine by Stora Enso
In our operations, we work to ensure effective use of all parts of the tree, including residuals for bioenergy.

Key Benefits

  • Derived from renewable, sustainable sources

  • Unique properties with wide variety of industrial and consumer applications

End use areas and applications

  • Adhesives, rubbers, printing inks

  • Paints and coating

  • Soaps, detergents, disinfectants

  • Base for lubricants, textile oils, metal polishes

  • Drilling fluids, separating fluids, biofuels, metal-working operations, for flotation in mining industry

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