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KVH construction timber


Surpassing the standards

KVH® by Stora Enso surpasses state-of-the-art. With its precisely specified dimensions and high quality control, it satisfies the demanding requirements of house owners, designers and craftsmen alike. And with its attractive planed surfaces and speedy delivery right to your site, you can count on KVH time after time.

Structural timber with quality a cut above the rest

KVH structural timber is sorted, calibrated and has precisely defined dimensions and load-bearing capacities for both visible and non-visible areas. Compared with conventional sawn wood, KVH must conform to much stricter requirements. The timber is graded in accordance with EN 14081 and German standard DIN 4074-01 01 and produced according to EN15497 & EN 14080. Compliance is monitored by third-party quality inspection institutes.

Kiln dried and cut for dimensional stability

To ensure a lower moisture content, we kiln dry KVH structural timber using an automated process to a maximum residual moisture content of 15% ±3%. This gives you maximum dimensional stability. KVH is cut split-heart or free-of-heart to help minimise cracking and twisting.

With KVH, you won’t need to worry about twisting, warping, discolouration or damage from insects.


Different surface qualities for exposed or non-exposed applications

We offer KVH in 2 surface qualities: KVH-Si for visible structures and KVH-NSi for non-visible structures, and in lengths up to 16 metres. Both types come finger jointed, and the joints are barely visible as to preserve the natural look of the surface.

Range and features

Duo/Trio beams

Duobalken® and Triobalken® laminated beams are larger cross-sections (two and three face-bonded planks, respectively) that offer the same outstanding dimensional stability, low moisture content and minimal splitting as KVH. They feature fewer glued joints than regular glue-laminated timber, and greater rigidity than solid timber of the same strength class. Ideal for exposed applications that have high aesthetic requirements without the use of chemical wood preservatives.

Custom orders – hassle-free

Standardization brings obvious advantages to trade and the processing industry: made to stock, high availability, short delivery times, and cost-effective planning and construction. Avoid order picking or repackaging – ask us to customise our standard lengths. Stora Enso can produce structural beams and timber for your specific needs, flexibly and fast.

FSC® trademark licence C125195

Key benefits of KVH / DUO / TRIO

  • Provides superior dimensional stability

  • Attractive solid wood appearance

  • Meets requirements higher than those specified in German grading standard DIN 4074-1 or other European grading standards

  • Insect-resistant due to kiln drying, so you can eliminate preservative treatment in compliance with national standards for wood preservation

  • Custom orders on short notice possible!

Technical product data

KVH® Dimensions in NSi quality2

Standard length: 5 m and 13 m (up to 16 m possible)
Wood species: WW/Spruce

Width (mm) Height (mm)
60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280
40 x1 x1 x x x x x x x
50 x1 x x x x x x
60 x1 x x x x x x x x x x x
80 x x x x x x x x x x x
100 x x x x x x x x x x
120 x x x x x x x x x
140 x x x x x
1) Not graded to S10/C24. Further dimensions possible – upon request.
2) Si quality upon request.


Safe, strong and sustainably produced

KVH and Duo/Trio products are bonded using formaldehyde-free adhesives. This makes them highly sustainable, safe products.

Like all of Stora Enso’s wood products, wood supply chains are covered by third party verified traceability systems according to PEFC™ and/or FSC®. And, all of our wood manufacturing units have a good coverage of third-party certified management systems for quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001). These certifications guarantee that KVH, Duobalken and Triobalken are produced according to the highest environmental and ethical standards.

Sustainability at Stora Enso

Documents and certificates


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KVH by Stora Enso
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