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The right material for strong shopping and takeaway bags with a natural look

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Strong, plastic-free and food-safe, CarrEco Brown™ by Stora Enso is the newest addition in our selection of materials for paper bags.

CarrEco Brown™ is a 3-layer structured unbleached uncoated board for shopping and takeaway bags that require high tensile and tear strength. Made from 100% fresh fibers from sustainably managed Nordic forests, it is also safe for direct food contact.

Available in grammages starting from 85 gsm, CarrEco Brown allows converters, brand owners and retailers to excel in varied segments within the bag market, such as retail and takeaway. CarrEco Brown meets all the requirements of brand owners and consumers when it comes to high performance and stiffness, purity, safety, and printability. We recommend CarrEco Brown for paper bags produced in one-step process directly from reel to bag.

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A renewable and recyclable choice

People around the world are looking for alternatives to plastic bags, as the growing demand for plastic replacement is accelerated by legislation and consumer preference. When ordering takeaway or shopping, the trend is that consumers want their products delivered in renewable and recyclable paper bags. With the help of a strong, fresh fiber based material such as CarrEco Brown, you can now easily answer the needs of this growing market.

Many options for end-uses

Thanks to CarrEco Brown’s high strength properties, great printability and formation, this material is suitable for various end-use areas and applications:

  • Retail bags
  • Takeaway bags
  • Grocery bags
  • Heavy shopping bags

Please contact our sales and technical customer service representatives to determine the best match between your desired end-use areas and CarrEco Brown.

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Key benefits of CarrEco Brown

Possibility to produce strong bags from lightweight materials thanks to high tensile and tear strength properties
Great printability as a result of good smoothness and formation
Safe for direct food contact – FDA compliant chemicals
Natural look and feel – no optical bleaching agents, made 100% from renewable fresh fibers
Fully recyclable
Suitable for demanding bag applications such as standing bags that need optimum stiffness properties
Excellent formation, visual appearance and strength performance thanks to patent pending Tri-Ply™ technology by Stora Enso
Availability of grammages 85-135 gsm helping our customers to grow and expand to new segments

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