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People are reshaping their buying habits. Consumers around the world are making eco-friendly choices to replace plastic bags, as every decision we make has an impact on the environment and people around us.

Paper Bags by Stora Enso is a family of renewable and recyclable materials for paper bags that are suitable for various end-uses. The PEFC- and FSC-certified materials are the answer to growing consumer demands and will help converters, brand owners and retailers expand into new segments within this growing market.

Carefully curated and fueled by years of experience and knowledge of the packaging market, Stora Enso will help you choose the best material for your paper bag needs. Whether you are looking for strength, stiffness, purity or printability, the selection of materials Stora Enso has to offer for your paper bag needs has got you covered.

Paper Bags by Stora Enso is a collection of high-performance fresh fiber materials for paper bags that help you tackle the changing needs within the bag market.
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A wide portfolio covering a variety of needs

All our paper bag materials are made from 100% fresh fibers from sustainably managed forests and are safe for direct food contact. Our portfolio of materials provide fit-for-purpose properties depending on your bag applications, and features products with optimal strength parameters, superior visual appearance and natural look and feel, just to name a few.

With these quality materials you can expand your business to segments that require bags to be pure yet strong, support your sustainability goals and impress your customers.

You can read more about our ePaperBag here.

Our product grades

NEW! CarrEco Brown™ by Stora Enso

The right material for shopping and takeaway bags.

CarrEco Brown is a 3-layer structured unbleached uncoated board for paper bags, and the newest addition in our selection of materials for paper bags. Thanks to its high tensile and tear strength properties, great printability and smoothness, CarrEco Brown is suitable for various shopping bag applications, especially retail and takeaway bags.

CarrEco Brown expands the grammage range of our material offering for brown paper bags at the higher end, allowing our customers to grow and expand to new segments. Eco-friendly packaging with a natural look and feel makes for a great replacement for plastic bags.

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paper bags

Endura MG Kraft™ by Stora Enso

The right material for food pouches and small grocery bags.

Endura MG Kraft is a strong, food-safe machine-glazed paper. It offers a natural look and feel that combined with optimum tear resistance is perfect for pouch-type bags.

Endura MG Kraft features high taint and odour neutrality and comes with a wet-strength option for high barrier protection against the effects of moisture and oxygen. Durable with excellent printability, it is ideal for various bag and wrapping applications.

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Optima S™ by Stora Enso

The right material for heavy duty and dry mix paper sacks.

Optima S sack kraft paper is a highly functional, strong and cost-effective material with a natural look and feel that converts efficiently into a variety of valve sacks and pasted open-mouth sacks.

Providing a strong TEA performance, Optima S presents optimum strength properties for shopping and heavy duty bags. Certified for food safety, our kraft paper is also used in various food packaging and storage applications.

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paper bags

Performa Brilliance™ by Stora Enso

The right material for high-end shopping and gift bags.

Performa Brilliance offers the highest whiteness in the market within FBB products, on both top and reverse sides. Its superior visual impression makes it ideal for high-end shopping and gift paper bags.

Performa Brilliance’s high bulk, high brightness and excellent smoothness elevates any product with a brilliant impression. A wide variety of demanding finishing treatments can be applied to its superior appearance.

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Ensocoat™ by Stora Enso

The right material for luxury shopping and gift bags.

Ensocoat is our most impressive luxury board in the market, and it is ideal for luxury gift paper bags. Superior whiteness and brightness with supreme smoothness and excellent printability creates an unbeatable impression.

Ensocoat is suitable for a wide variety of demanding finishing treatments, creasing and embossing. The material has excellent folding endurance, enabling high convertibility and technical performance.

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Technical Specifications

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