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Optima Sack Kraft

Optima sack kraft paper – a strong, sustainable alternative to plastic sacks

Discover the benefits of Optima sack kraft paper by Stora Enso, made from virgin-based fibre from sustainably managed forests. You’ll get a highly functional, strong and cost-effective material that converts efficiently into a variety of valve sacks and pasted open-mouth sacks. And, you’ll get a sustainable alternative to plastic sacks without compromising on strength or performance.

Replace plastic sacks with sack kraft paper for a wide range of uses

Different grades of Optima sack kraft paper offer you the right combination of extensibility, strength and porosity for a huge range of uses. Optima is ideal in heavy-duty industrial sacks for building and construction materials like cement, mortar, dry or powdered mixes, and granular aggregates as well as chemicals.

Certified for food packaging and storage, our kraft paper is also used in sacks for flour, sugar, salt, rice and potatoes. In pasted open-mouth sacks, you can use Optima sack kraft paper for dried and frozen fruits and vegetables, powdered milk or food supplements. It’s also a popular choice for sacks containing agricultural products like animal fodder or seeds.

For demanding applications such as wrapping for mattress innersprings, you can use our super-strong Spring Formula. It’s highly resistant to tears and deformation and makes an environmentally friendly alternative to foil.

Strong yet light for fewer plies, less product loss and lower costs

Thanks to the proper treatment of our strong and porous virgin-fibre sack paper, you can use a lower paper weight and switch to fewer plies in the sacks. This brings you transport and cost savings. And sacks made from our sack kraft paper feature optimal deaeration, enabling precise filling and minimal product loss during handling without the use of perforations.

Optima sack paper is consistently uniform because we use an advanced system that controls basis weight, moisture and thickness profile throughout the manufacturing process. This uniformity ensures smooth performance in high-speed filling and converting machines.

Our Optima sack kraft paper products

  • Optima S – Standard sack with optimal convertibility
  • Optima SE – Semi-extensible for optimal convertibility and strength
  • Optima EX – Extensible for extreme strength
  • Optima HP – High-porosity for rapid deaeration
  • Optima HP Evo – High-porosity for the perfect blend of highest strength and high porosity

End-use areas and applications

  • Sacks for construction material – sacks for cement, mortar, mixes, powdered, granular and loose products
  • Industrial chemicals and minerals
  • Agricultural sacks and packaging
  • Shopping bags
  • Valve bags or pasted open-mouth bags/sacks for food products
  • Mattress spring wrapping
  • Bags that can replace plastic bags

Key benefits of Optima Sack Kraft

  • Less paper per sack – less capital tied up, better profitability

  • Lower packaging weight – more sacks on a pallet and lower transport costs

  • Better ply tear strength when using less material at higher grammages

  • Better porosity for higher filling speeds – reduces risk of breakage

  • Excellent deaeration for exact filling and minimal product loss during filling, handling and transport

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