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Endura MG kraft

Kraft Papers

Kraft paper – Brown kraft paper for a huge range of applications

Our kraft paper family includes products for a wide range of applications, and wherever you need high strength, protection and flexibility. 

You’ll get highly functional, strong and cost-effective materials that convert efficiently into a variety of valve sacks and pasted open-mouth sacks, as well as machine-glazed paper with a natural colour, made from virgin fibres from sustainably managed forests – making them a pure and safe options for direct contact with food. From coating, painting, laminating or gumming for residential or industrial applications to steel interleaving, customers around the world trust our quality papers.

The kraft paper family consists of four products offering huge number of benefits for wide reange of applications. You'll find more about benefits in the product pages.

Optima by Stora Enso

Unbleached Optima sack kraft papers for industries such as animal food packaging and building.

Endura MG Kraft by Stora Enso

Resistant machine-glazed Endura MG kraft paper for various applications, such as grocery and shopping bags and wrapping.

Endura Interleaving by Stora Enso

Endura Interleaving is a strong kraft paper with highest mechanical and chemical purity for special product protection, i.e. steel and glass industries.

Endura Masking by Stora Enso

Endura Masking is a kraft paper with increased wet strength and lower absorbency, specially designed for masking car body elements when painting.

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