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Endura Masking

Endura Masking – Masking paper that helps you get the job done right

Endura Masking is a protective masking paper that ensures superior sealing and dust-free surfaces.

It possesses exceptional mechanical strength and adapts to various kinds of shapes and coverings. It can be used with most types of adhesives and masking tape.

Endura Masking brown kraft paper makes a superior alternative to regular paper for procedures in the automotive and construction industries like masking and painting. Thanks to its improved wet strength and low porosity, it makes a great barrier when you need to protect unpainted areas from splatter and overspray.

Why buy Endura Masking?

  • Made from 100% virgin fibres and 100% recyclable
  • High tensile and tear strength

Technical specifications

Key benefits of Endura Masking

  • Dust-free, impurity-free and pH neutral to protect sensitive surfaces

  • High tensile and tear strength

  • Practical and reusable, keeping costs down

  • Made from 100% virgin fibres and 100% recyclable

  • Produced at ISO and OHSAS facilities, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

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