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Endura Interleaving

Endura Interleaving – Pure protection for stainless steel and glass

Glass and steel plates, especially high-quality plates, require special handling.

To ensure that such a valuable product is not damaged at any point during production, transportation or storage, the layers of individual sheets need to be separated with a special interleaf. Even a minor scratch caused by two hard and porous surfaces touching each other can render the material unusable.

Endura Interleaving brown kraft paper is specially designed to protect these strong yet delicate products. Strong and smooth, it is free from particles and impurities like clusters of fibres, grains of sand or wood splinters. Mechanical purity goes hand in hand with chemical purity. Endura Interleaving paper is also chemically neutral, ensuring that there is no adverse reaction against the steel.

Endura Interleaving kraft paper is reusable, helping to keep costs down.

Why buy Endura Interleaving?

  • Practical and reusable, keeping costs down
  • Produced at ISO and OHSAS facilities

Technical specifications

Key benefits of Endura Interleaving

  • Dust-free, impurity-free and pH neutral to protect sensitive surfaces

  • High tensile and tear strength

  • Practical and reusable, keeping costs down

  • Made from 100% virgin fibres and 100% recyclable

  • Produced at ISO and OHSAS facilities, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

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