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AvantKraft Brown

AvantKraft Brown

AvantKraft Brown kraftliner – naturally tough and high performing

If you’re looking for strong, sustainable kraftliner that adds maximum shelf appeal, AvantKraft by Stora Enso delivers. Our premium kraftliner gives you consistently high performance while maintaining packaging integrity in the harshest environments.

Stands up to the elements – and consumer preferences

AvantKraft is engineered to stand strong against changing climate conditions – and consumer preferences. It makes the perfect choice for packaging that must endure demanding transport and fluctuating weather conditions, while providing a superior surface for your brand statement.

AvantKraft kraftliner board keeps its shape and at the same time offer superior protection and creep resistance during cold, long-haul deliveries. Features include a consistent surface texture, smoothness, shade stability, elimination of impurities, absorbency and minimum washboarding – properties that make AvantKraft a fantastic surface for printing and branding, too. 

AvantKraft Brown adds a natural and authentic colouring to your packaging, while our AvantKraft White Top option offers smooth whiteness. 

Naturally tough and full of character

With its natural brown tone, AvantKraft Brown kraftliner board lends an authentic quality to your packaging. Thanks to the virgin fibre used in production with its low recycled fibre content, this kraftliner exhibits high strength, moisture resistance and cleanliness.

Use it for packing, protecting and promoting products like fruit and vegetables and a variety of other retail applications that require a clean, pure material. It also makes a great choice for heavy-duty applications and industrial packaging.

Fresh fibres for fresher food packaging

To achieve their natural toughness and character, the main raw material used for AvantKraft is based on virgin fibre and is traceable to the source in sustainably managed Finnish forests. The use of these fibres makes our kraftliners strong, pure and hygienic – ideal for fresh produce packaging, for fruit and vegetables and other food products, and in retail or heavy-duty packaging.

Our controlled raw materials comply with European BfR recommendations for food contact, and we work according to the principles of the international food safety standard ISO 22000.

Retail-ready for easy handling and disposal, and outstanding shelf impact

With retail-ready AvantKraft, your packaging is easy to transport, shelve, grab, open and buy. And recycle.

Whether during rough transport or looking good on the shelf, AvantKraft packs a punch – it’s strong and stiff yet can be designed and printed for outstanding visual impact. You’ll find it in corrugated products like retail-ready trays and covers, point-of-purchase display units and transport packaging. And because it’s recyclable, it can give you a competitive edge compared with other packaging materials from non-renewable sources.

End-use areas and applications:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging, agricultural packaging
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home and garden
  • Non-durable goods
  • Shelf-ready packaging 

Why buy AvantKraft Brown?

  • Suitable for direct food contact
  • Strength for heavy duty applications
  • Produced at ISO facilities, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

Technical specifications

Key benefits of AvantKraft Brown

  • Great runnability and converting properties for consistent performance both in terms of strength and cleanliness

  • Minor peak-to-peak moisture variation from reel to reel, offering superior protection and creep resistance during long-haul transportation

  • Non-dusting, attractive surfaces with minimised washboarding and excellent printing properties

  • 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced and produced – aligns with environmentally friendly brands

  • Retail-ready and shelf-ready material is easy to open, shelf and buy, helping to drive more point-of-purchase sales

  • Food-safe for various food package types – complies with BfR food packaging recommendations

  • Produced at ISO facilities, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

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