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Office buildings in massive wood

Top 3 reasons to build your office in wood

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    Health & wellbeing 

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Office building concept launch

Find out how you can design flexible and cost-efficient offices that store carbon and provide a comfortable work environment.

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    Health & wellbeing

    Recent learnings from the principles of biophilic design indicate humans’ desire to connect with their natural environment. Extensive research has taken place over the past 30 years showing the positive health and wellbeing impacts of creating offices and other spaces using natural materials.

    Air quality

    Thermal comfort


    Sustainable office buildings aim to balance the needs of today and those of future generations; they are built without depleting natural resources and without other harmful environmental and social impacts. Today, sustainable buildings mostly aim at reducing carbon emissions, and at providing healthy and comfortable conditions for users, not only during the use phase, but also in the materials, construction and after use phase.


    Circular life of wood


    Cost savings


    Project schedule

    Customisable design

    Reduced building mass