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School concept

Let’s build a learning environment for the next generation

An ideal way to provide the next generation with a healthy planet is to give them the right start; in a climate-smart school. But wooden schools are a good idea for other reasons too. All the evidence shows that students in wooden schools feel calmer, concentrate better and are more creative than students in other schools. Use our guideline to explore sustainable school design from a material that keeps growing back.

School concept render

Webinar: Why it's time to build more wooden schools

There is an urgent need for more educational facilities and wood is poised to play a vital role in the sustainable construction of new schools.

Watch our webinar and listen to a panel of experts discuss building wooden schools for the next generation.

Three reasons to build more wooden schools

A healthier, happier learning environment

Give students the best chance of success by providing the perfect learning environment. Students simply feel better and can focus better in wooden schools.

A one-year Austrian study* compared high-school students in a school fitted with linoleum floors and plasterboard walls with students in wooden classrooms. The students in the wooden classrooms had decreased heart rates and a decreased perception of stress. Other studies have shown lower blood pressure and higher concentration levels in wooden schools as well as increased creativity in wooden evironments**.

* Kelz, C. & Moser, M., 2011.

** proHolz Steiermark and Holzcluster Steiermark, 2009; Seebacher, 2012. McCoy und Evans, 2010.

Listen to our podcast about biophilic design.

This video was produced for Stora Enso by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial content division of BBC Global News.
ZIS, Austria
Centre for Inclusion and Special Education, St. Johann im Pongau, Austria. Credits: sps÷architekten

Low carbon schools for the next generation

Natural materials like wood don’t just look and feel better to those interacting with them, but wood has the benefit of removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing carbon during its lifetime.

Let’s start providing the next generation with climate-smart schools and build a better future. A wooden school is a low carbon, renewable alternative that can help mitigate climate change and can help your local area reduce emissions and improve its sustainability profile.

Read our sustainability case study to find out more about designing low carbon schools.

Flexible design for the future

The latest innovations in massive-wood elements mean that you have full flexibility when it comes to designing a wooden school.

This goes beyond elements such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) and laminated-veneer lumber (LVL) that let you build to meet the needs of any learning environment. The school concept allows for innovative, flexible and cost-efficient design that can be adapted in the future to fit changing needs.

Download our school concept brochure to discover design options for wooden schools. 


Ickburgh school, UK
Ickburgh school, Ickburgh, UK

Wooden schools improve health and wellbeing

Improved ability to focus

Studies reveal that students in wooden classrooms have lower levels of stress, tend to be able to concentrate more, tend to have less conflicts, and obtain better grades.

(proHolz Steiermark and Holzcluster Steiermark, 2009)

Lower levels of stress

Wooden environments have been shown to decrease cortisol levels by 7.5%, which suggests wood has a relaxing effect on people. 

(Kotradyova, Vavrinsky, Kalinakova, Jansakova, Boles, Svobodova, 2019)

A creative environment

Rooms with exposed wood or stone surfaces have a higher potential of inspiring creativity than artificially produced surfaces.   

(McCoy and Evans, 2010)

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