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The Group Leadership Team (GLT) supports the CEO in managing the Company.

Day-to-day operational responsibility rests with the GLT members and their operation teams supported by various staff and service functions. The decision-making bodies with responsibility for managing Stora Enso are the Board and CEO.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO is in charge of the day-to-day management of the Company in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act and the instructions and orders issued by the Board. It is the duty of the CEO to ensure that the Company’s accounting principles comply with the law and that financial matters are handled in a reliable manner.

The Board approves the main organisation, including the functions reporting to the CEO. At the end of 2023 the CEO was directly in charge of the following functions, which also reported to him:

• Divisions (Packaging Materials, Packaging Solutions, Biomaterials, Wood Products and Forest)
• CFO Office (responsible for Accounting, Controlling, Internal Audit, Investor Relations, Information and Cyber Security, Global Business Services, Tax, Treasury)
• Brand and Communications
• People and Culture
• Legal, General Counsel
• Strategy and Innovation (responsible for Innovation and R&D, special strategic projects, Corporate Finance and M&A, Investment Process, Energy Services, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Affairs)
• Sustainability

The CEO is also responsible for preparatory work with regard to Board meetings. In addition, the CEO supervises decisions regarding key personnel and other important operational matters. One of the GLT members acts as deputy to the CEO as defined in the Finnish Companies Act.

Group Leadership Team (GLT)

The GLT is chaired by the CEO. The GLT members are appointed by the CEO and approved by the Board. At the 2023 year end, the eleven GLT members were the CEO, the CFO, the heads of the divisions, People and Culture, Legal (who is also General Counsel), Strategy and Innovation, and Sustainability. Sourcing was represented in GLT 1 January–31 October 2023.

The GLT assists the CEO in supervising the Group and divisional performance against agreed targets, portfolio strategy, ensuring the availability and value-creating allocation of Group funds and capital, and statutory, governance, compliance, and listing issues and policies.

The GLT meets regularly every month, and as required.

Group Leadership Team

Group Leadership Team

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